The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint

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The many trophies The Shed BBQ competition team has won, including the Memphis in May World Championship.

The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is one of the most unique BBQ restaurants I’ve been to. The mix of old school BBQ and blues music makes for a great experience. When you first pull in to the parking lot, you see basically what amounts to a shed however, once you step inside there is much more than meets the eye.

The wait for good BBQ isn’t long, but just long enough to take in your surroundings. Gravel on the ground, banners of the past contest, and dollar bills stuck to the cellar with plastic forks are what you will take in. The blues music that plays in the background gets you in the mood to eat some Mississippi style BBQ. When your food arrives at your table, you get huge portions of meat and delicious sides.

On my visit, my wife and I ordered The ShedHed Sampler, which includes seven types of meat they serve (Brisket, pulled pork, a chicken thigh, chicken wings, sausage, spare ribs, and baby back ribs) and the choice of three sides. We chose collard greens, baked beans, and MommaMia’s Mac Salad. I have to say everything was amazing! My favorite meats were the brisket and sausage. MommaMia’s Mac Salad was my favorite side, as I’ve heard a lot about it!

The ShedHed Sampler

The highlight of the visit was meeting Brad Orrison, who along with his sister Brooke owns The Shed. He was super nice, and we had a great conversation about competition BBQ.

If you’re in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, I highly suggest you stop by and visit The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint. The BBQ is good, and the Orrison family has worked hard to give us an amazing venue to enjoy. You’ll be glad your got fed at The Shed!

Myself and Brad

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